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Saturday, March 31, 2012

802.1X Wireless Authentication Windows 2008 R2 Infrastructure Configuration - Part3

We have upgraded OS to WIndows 7 on all user machines last month. I needed to create a group policy for Windows 7 machines. It's very simple, just adding a Windows 7 Wireless Network policy to the Wireless Network (IEEE 802.1X) group policy which has been already created previously (See Part2)

1. Open Group Policy Management Editor
    Edit Wireless Network (IEEE 802.1X)
    Navigate Computer Configuration --> Policies --> WIndows Setting --> Wireless Policy
    Select "Create A New Wireless Network Policy for Windows Vista and Later Releases"

2. Right-click New Wireless Network Policy and select Properties
    Type Policy Name
    Click Add and select Infrastructure

3. Type Profile Name and SSID
    Click Add

4. Select the Security tab
    Select WPA2-Enterprise for Authentication and AES for Encryption
    Select PEAP for authentication method and User or Computer authentication for    authentication mode.
    Click Properties

5. Check Validate server certificate
    Select the CA certificate
    Click OK
    That's all for the group policy settings for Windows 7 computers.

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